Custom Instagram Canva Templates

“Are you looking for social media templates?” You are in the right place.

An aesthetically pleasing feed is essential for organic growth in any social media platform (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc). I am here to help you achieve your business goals by creating a custom, eye-catching template design for your social media.

What you’ll get

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Different amazing design concepts (as per your requirement)
  • Good communication during the project
  • High-quality images
  • Canva link to edit your template (fully editable and reusable; you can change photos, text, fonts, colors, elements sizes, etc.)


What I need from you

  • Link to your website or any social media
  • Any references you like (a picture is helpful to better see your vision)
  • Preferred color palette, fonts, and logo

Increase your business + page views with these attention-grabbing Instagram design templates



Affordable custom canva instagram templates

I will design eyecatching custom canva instagram templates

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From our  history working to make custom instagram infographics, We have encounters certain issuse and questions mant times. Here are the most popular Questions, answered ahead of time for you 

How much can I earn from a site?

The amount you may earn from a niche site depends on a number of factors, especially your search ranking. The higher you rank on search engines, the more you will earn! That is why SEO strategy is so important for your site’s success. Our packages are designed to ensure an amount of $300 to $500 at the initial stages and set to increase over time.

How do you ensure content quality?

We have an in-house team of highly trained, expert writers who are specialized in specific writing niches. They are able to deliver SEO-friendly, consistently well-written and relevant content to our many clients. From there, we employ proofreaders to ensure all content is up to the Giant Marketer standard.

Do you offer any discount for bulk orders?

Yes, we have the option of bulk orders if you have more than 3 sites to make with us. If you are interested in doing many sites at once, contact us today and we would be more than happy to assist.

Do you offer refunds?

We are serious about any sort of flaws in our services and we work hard to ensure that the work is performed to your standards. Thus, we hope to have zero refunds. However, under any circumstances, if you don’t find our service satisfactory and want any revision we are willing to do this within 15 Business days.

Do you offer any other after-sales-support?

Yes! In fact, great after-sales support is one of the main factors that has made us a leading amazon affiliate niche website provider company in Bangladesh. For niche site projects, we keep a close relationship with our clients for 3 months after project completion to assist you with any further problems or questions. Our support team is working 24/7 to have your back in any situation.

Do you provide any support in the future?

Yes, our in-house writing team is ready to give you content support when you require it. They work to meet the highest standards for content creation, always with the goal of maximizing your ROI in mind.

How do I get updates about the project?

When you work with us, you will gain access to a client dashboard as soon as you order the service from our website. From there, you will get regular updates on the project right from the dashboard. You can also contact us from there via live chat to ask any questions or make requests.

Do you offer a Ranking Guarantee for the site?

Since SEO is an uncertain process with constant updates and practically unlimited for development, we are not able to offer ranking guarantees. However, as far as our experience goes, our service will fulfill every criterion required for a site to rank highly. We have a separate SEO packages on site ranking, if you want you can see from our service page.